Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The "other things"

The aforementioned other things that have been updated and added to the site are:

A Fan Art page already filling up with awesomeness!

An improved Links page with banners instead of text links and updated favorite comics (there are some comics I couldn't find banners for. If you own a link that doesn't have an image you can send one to

Easy access buttons for Blog, Latest Page, and First Page. From my experience in using the navigation buttons I felt there needed to be brighter, different colored, bigger buttons to get to the comic that are easier to find and click on.

Thanks so much to my lovely and talented wife Sarah! She programs the entire site and updates things as fast as I come up with them. Without her Evan Yeti would still be just a drawing in a notebook. A round of applause for the code maestro!


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