Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Beast Legion animation

Hello monsters and monster lovers! Just thought I'd show off this animation by fellow webcomic artist and writer Jazyl Homavazir for his web manga The Beast Legion

The story takes place in a mythical alternate universe where certain types of armor can transform the  already troubled characters into raging beasts! It's not just your typical manga as it is also reminiscent of the great cartoons of old such as He Man and Thunder Cats. And if you want another reason to read it, The Beast Legion recently won this years best webcomic series award at Comic Con India!

This particular animation shows off a lot of the main characters and is a testament to Jazyl's work ethic. It also shows that this is a comic worthy of a day time cartoon. Which is something that I strive for in Evan Yeti and something that I like to see in other comics. That ability to be a franchise and reach beyond the comic world into toys, games, film etc. 

 I wrote the music for this video in a very short period of time before Jazyl launched it and plan on going back and filling it in and matching it up to the animation better towards the end. Still happy with the way everything came together. Check it out!


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