Thursday, March 7, 2013

Evan Figure Progress

Hello all. Here are some pics of the Evan Yeti figures in the works.

 My original plan was to have a one inch monotone colored rubber figure much in the same vein as Monster in my Pocket or Muscle Men.

 After pricing around I ended up going with a plastic like army men. The awesome sculptor of the figures Derek Miller cast me 25 plastic figures. I'm currently doing the clean up (trimming off extra plastic, smoothing out rough patches, filling in air bubble damage).

 My end game was going to be to coat all the figures with grey primer then hand paint the white of his fur and the black of his eyes. After spending some up-close time with the figures cleaning them, I'm kinda' digging the monotone blue and grey figures. What do you think?

Let me know whatchya' think and help me shape the final product. What kind of Evan Yeti figure do you want?