Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Evan Yeti Art Exhibit

It's finally here! The Evan Yeti Art Exhibit is installed and will be up until Dec. 31st. If you live close enough to Groveport Ohio to check it out please do!

Here are some pics of some of the work on display for my out of town friends and fellow artists.

 Here are some making of pics.

Huge thanks to my family and friends who made this show possible. Especially Mike Norman (who can build anything), Bob Peters who provided TONS of materials, workspace, and elbow grease. Thanks as always to my wife and partner in crime Sarah.

Thanks to Linda Haley Community Affairs Director for asking me to do the show and all of your help and support. Thanks to all the Groveport Town Hall staff!

If you're interested in historic buildings you should check out the Groveport Town Hall!