Sunday, January 5, 2014

Comics Submitted from Groveport Ohio

At our Evan Yeti art exhibit in Groveport Ohio we had a drop box where anyone could submit their comics to be published here on the Evan Yeti Community Blog. After collecting and viewing the submissions I have to say I am honored that the talented young artists that submitted used the opportunity to show us their silliness, sadness, and honesty through the power of comics. But enough of my run-on sentences. Check them out for yourself!

This un-named comic shows us not to judge a book by it's cover. You might find a monster!

 An action packed comic with very detailed characters from Gavin.

 As someone who's parents divorced when I was a kid I can relate to this. All I can say is it gets better over time. Keep writing and drawing honest comics like this, and you'll always find an audience that can relate with you.

 Chander Brining introduces us to his heroes  Ritty and J.J.! We're on the edge of our seats Chandler! What happens next?

 "The Setting Sun" by Charlie age 5. One of the only comics submitted in color. This could also be a great animation. Have you ever tried making animated flip-books Charlie?

 Hey, they don't all have to be happy. Many of us have had at least one Christmas where we felt like this.

 Episode 4 of Super Coon! by Moe Mat (I hope I'm getting the name right.) I'd love to see more episodes of Super Coon saving his animal pals!

 Even the Groveport Town Hall staff had some fun sharing comics with us! Thanks for the snowball dog Deb! 

 All things in moderation. Including devouring your victims! Montana Martin draws a snake who knows not to indulge.

 A dark and emotional comic submitted by Paige. I hope you'll continue making comics and sharing your  unique storytelling and art with the world!

 The talented artist Toni B. fills a page with his charming characters. Looking forward to seeing more of their adventures!

 A full color, full page submission by Logan. This looks like it could be the cover to a cool comic of a very interesting character!

This was actually a two-part comic. Unfortunately the second half was too profane to post here. Just know that even Santa has his limits... 

Although Tim the Gerbil is awesome, I'm still glad Evan Yeti won ;) Thanks Brody! We'll also post this in the Fan Art section. Would love to se more Tim the Gerbil and his amazing robot suit! 

Hope I got all your names right. If there is any information I need to change or add just drop me an email at Thanks again for participating and sharing your talented, silly, sometimes personal stores and artwork. I hope you'll all continue to express yourselves and share the stories with the world that only you can tell.

We'll be posting our installation pics of Evan Yeti at the Columbus Metropolitan Library soon. We will also have our comic submission box there to bring you more stories from Ohio's future comic artists!

Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

We're back from the holidays and ready to do this whole 2014 thang! We'll be un-installing the Evan Yeti show from the Groveport Town Hall soon. At the show we had a drop box where anyone could submit a comic of their own to be published here on the blog! I can't wait to see what people contributed and post it here so you can see their awesomeness too. 

Thanks to all Groveport Town Hall staff for your support with the show. And a huge thanks to all you Grovepot-i-cans(?) who came to the show and joined the Evan Yeti family.

While we're sad to take the show away from our Groveport audience, We're happy to announce that the show will be moving to the Columbus Metropolitan Library! 

So that's two things to look forward to on the Blog soon: comics submitted by Groveport-i-cans, and pics of the Columbus Library install!

Until then have a gander at our family Christmas card (always involving our pets). 

Talk to ya' soon.